If you are planning to start your own business you have various platforms to trade such as sole trader, limited company, partnership and LLP (limited liability partnership).

Trading as a limited company tend to be more tax efficient dependent on the level of your income. Company is treated as separate legal entity which means directors    are entirely separate than company. Directors and shareholders will only be treated as related parties.

Forming a limited company is small process. You will need to register with Companies House and receive a certificate of incorporation which confirms your company legally exists and shows the company number and date of formation. There are restrictions on company names, and who can act as a director and as company secretary.

Why limited company?

  • Liabilities are limited to the assets of the company
  • Trading as a limited company will protects the personal assets of the officers if company is suffering financial difficulty
  • Generally more tax efficient
  • It is easier to sell the business
  • It may be easier to attract investors for expansion of the business.
  • Obtaining bank loans may be easier.
  • In the event of a partner leaving, it is easier to continue the business.
  • Limited companies offer better tax planning opportunities – for example every penny you earn in a tax year as a sole trader will be taxed that year, however with a limited company you can accumulate money in your company and take in future years.
  • The ownership of a limited company can be easily divided up through the sale of shares.
  • The shares can be further used as a means of generating capital i.e. selling shares in your company.

Company formation cost from £49 per company. Please forward following information for the formation of a company.


  • The name of company  
  • Make sure that the name is available for corporation; please check the company formation name checker.
  • The company trading address , a registered address (if different from company address)
  • Director’s photo ID and address proof
  • Shareholders details and share details

We also allow you to use our premised as registered address for your company from £99 per year plus admin charge.


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