Desi Accountant is a trustworthy, dynamic, professionally managed firm of Chartered Certified Accountants. Our mission is to offer a high level of professional services at competitive prices. We have been providing accountancy and taxation services to many clients across Kent, Middlesex and the Greater London area since we were teamed. Our professional team are keen and work in a high energy atmosphere, we are prompt in responding to client queries, consistently meet the deadlines, perform beyond client expectations and our standards of quality are evident in everything that we do.

We are a team of experienced accountants looking after small and medium size business in London and South east England for the last 10 years. We can help you grow your company from a start up all the way through to a multi-million pound company.

Our aim is to help support you and your business by providing quality advice and support at a cost effective price.


Straightforward to understand

· Fixed fees and no surprise bills
· Full accounting package
· Competitive fees

We can save you money

· Proactive advice
· Tax planning
· Unlimited support and advise

We are perfect for small businesses

· minimise your tax liabilities
· help your business grow
· Educating our clients


We’ll discuss tax and financial matters in simple day-to-day language and won’t drown you in technical tax jargon


We will agree with you a timetable for the completion of your work, and will meet those deadlines


End of year accounts turnaround of approximately 30 days, providing we receive all the documentation.